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Greenpanel Wooden Flooring

Greenpanel wooden flooring is tailored for Indian conditions, offering superior protection against dust, scratches, and extreme climate changes. With our Perma Click™ interlocking system, you get a seamless, gap-free floor, ensuring no dirt in crevices. Plus, it can be uninstalled and reused.

Benefit from a Max Shield™ scratch-resistant layer and Sound Sponge™ technology reducing sound transmission. Our high-density fibre board (HDF) core adds sturdiness and durability.

Greenpanel offers a 10-year warranty on AC3 Grade for residential and low footfall commercial spaces and a 15-year warranty on AC4 grade for offices and malls.

Explore our Prima and Person collections, inspired by the latest international trends. Learn more at: www.gpwoodfloors.com

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