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Welcome to the Greenpanel MITR mobile app, a rewards app built exclusively for our carpenter and contractor friends. This app is very easy to use. Simply download it, scan Greenpanel's board and collect reward points. You can easily redeem the collected points for a gift item or a direct cash transfer to your bak account. Whether you're a carpenter working on a new project or a contractor managing multiple sites, your MITR app easily rewards you for every Greenpanel board used.

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Contact Toll-Free MITR Helpline
1800 202 9408

Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 5 PM, except holidays (Closed on Wednesday)

Why Become Our MITR?

Easy To Download

Download the Greenpanel MITR app on Android or iOS easily.

Easy To Scan

Scan the QR code given on Greenpanel boards through the MITR App and collect reward points.

Easy To Exchange

Easily convert collected reward points into gifts or cash.

No Commission

Exchange collected reward points without any additional fees or commission.

Toll-Free Assistance

Call Free for any assistance related to the MITR app.

Multilingual Support

The MITR app is available in your preferred language.

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