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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Every organisation in the world, irrespective of size and domain, works towards building a prosperous future for itself. We believe that the key to do so is by innovating in products and exceeding customer satisfaction. We, at Greenpanel, envision the future of contemporary living spaces and then bring it to life. We pride ourselves in coming up with innovations which help us in achieving our company’s vision, that is, ‘To represent the infinite future possibilities in wood paneling’. Our new logo is the perfect depiction of these infinite possibilities with a seamless merging of G and P to form an infinity symbol.


Our Mission

We are committed to provide our customers with products and solutions that are not only way ahead of time but also fit their needs like a glove. Our wood panel solutions are contemporary and
tailor-made to fit the evolving needs of our customers.


Our Values


Be it our customers, shareholders, employees or the public in general, we make sure we live up to the trust they have placed in us.


We embrace the change and do not fear it. This helps us stay ahead of the curve and pleasure our customers.


With avant-garde offerings, we constantly try to raise the bar of the industry in general.


We are nimble and are quick to adapt as and when required.


We constantly strive to come up with innovative designs that fit modern spaces and add a sheen of elegance to any home or office space.


We make the best use of scarce resources available to us to minimize the wastage and only use efficient production practices.

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