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Greenpanel Fire Retardant MDF Boards Panel

An overloaded extension cable, a discarded cigarette, an unattended kitchen flame, combustive material too close to a building can easily lead to a devastating fire turning everything into ashes, threatening the lives of hundreds of people. Fire extinguishers and alarms are items which help after a small fire has turned into flames. Unfortunately whatever you do post fire outburst can only reduce your losses. When we know accidents can happen, its best to be prepared.

Fire safety begins with you. The use of fire-retardant materials in a building will suppress fire and prevent further fire spread. This means that your furniture will not catch fire and will also not allow further spread of fire, giving you enough time to douse any flames that may be there. It’s not the actual flames that kill, most of the people die due to smoke inhalation.

The Solution

Greenpanel is India’s largest wood panel manufacturer with over 660,000 CBM annual production capacity, and has always been a pioneer in MDF industry. While we already had MDF varieties for moisture-resistance, heat-resistance, termite and borer resistance, Greenpanel has been continuously striving to address the concern related to fire. Today, we are very proud to say that we have a solution that can save hundreds of lives every year and control damage to the valuables to a larger extent. After in-depth research, with the help of cutting-edge technology and putting innovation-driven minds at work, we are proud to introduce for the first time in India, Greenpanel FRMDF – the best grade of FRMDF available in the market. Available as FRMDF & FRMDF Club, these products not only restrict fire, but also don’t form smoke.


Greenpanel FRMDF is ideal for a wide range of applications such as residences, hospitals, hotels, theatres, offices, schools, airports, exhibition halls, places of worships etc.


12 mm & 18 mm


2440mm x 1220mm

The Solution

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