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What is MDF?
Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF) is an engineered wood. It is manufactured with hardwood wood fibres that are bonded by synthetic resin adhesives under immense heat and pressure. Greenpanel MDF has high and even density. It is a strong, durable and eco-friendly wood panel product.
What is CARB-Certified MDF?
The California Air Resources Board (CARB or ARB) is the "clean air agency" of the government of California, US. Its stated goals include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality, and ensuring low formaldehyde emission. CARB-certified Greenpanel MDF is available on request.
Where can I use MDF?
MDF's strength and stability make it ideal for use in interior infrastructure applications like building and construction; interiors, residential and office furniture, wall panelling, modular kitchens, doors and wood floors. Greenpanel MDF is easier to rout, carve and finish. This makes it perfect for use in contemporary, stylish furniture.
How to clean my Greenpanel floor?
Use a dust mop or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust. For additional cleaning, use a damp cotton or CLOTH MOP. Please remember that too much water can damage the floor.
Are Water-Resistant Plywood and Marine Plywood the same?
No, water-resistant plywood can withstand high humidity. Marine plywood has much higher water resistance--it can even be used to build boats.
Do I need to change the entire floor if a portion of it gets damaged?
In case of extensive damage, the smart PermaClick system enables you to easily replace the damaged floor plank without changing the entire floor. However, please do consult your dealer or Greenpanel team on how to do this.
How is plywood eco-friendly when it uses timber as raw material?
Greenpanel uses 100% agro-forestry plantation timber as raw material. The plantation are sustainable; with trees growing back in 4-5 years. Moreover, the same furniture will use less timber when it is made with plywood than natural wood. Also, many different species of timber can be used for making plywood.
What type of plywood should I use for internal furnishing?
For moisture-prone areas, experts recommend boiling water proof (BWR or BWP) grade. For dry areas, moisture resistant or MR plywood may be used.
What makes Greenpanel plywood a better product? 
Greenpanel plywood uses good-quality raw material. We conduct rigorous quality checks at every stage to verify that only the best product goes out every time. The Quadra Pro process makes the end product defect-free and on par with international quality.
How can I register for the wood-floor warranty?
Warranty registration can be done on the Greenpanel website. Just fill out your details and the warranty code provided on the warranty card.
What makes Greenpanel floors superior to other options?
A lot of research and trademarked technology goes into the design and manufacture of Greenpanel Floors. A fine example is the PermaClick system, developed by Luxembourg-based Flooring Industries in collaboration with Greenpanel. The system is designed to keep dust and water out of the floor crevices. The PermaClick system is also easy to install and uninstall, so you can take your Greenpanel Floor with you into a different room, office or home.
Is Greenpanel MDF water resistant?
Yes, the exterior grade MDF is water resistant and can be used in moisture-prone areas.
Can Greenpanel MDF be used for green building under GRIHA and IGBC Programmes? 
Yes, Greenpanel MDF is perfect for use under GRIHA and IGBC Programmes as it is made from 100% renewable and sustainable wood resources. It is sourced from agro-forestry plantation trees that have a lifecycle of four years.
What are the advantages of MDF?
MDF is dense and stiff. It has no knots and is easily machinable. Its fine particles provide dimensional stability without a predominant grain. MDF contains no voids, and has sharp edges with no tear outs.
Is MDF environment-friendly?
Yes, MDF is environmentally friendly. It is produced from quick-growing hardwood species which are regularly replenished, and take 4-5 years to mature.
What is CARB?
The California Air Resources Board (CARB or ARB) is the “clean air agency” of the government of California. Its stated goals include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality. CARB-certified Greenpanel MDF is available on request.
How is blockboard manufactured?
Blockboards are engineered wooden boards that are made using softwood blocks for the core and hardwood veneer for the surfaces.
Whom should contact if I have a complaint?
We’re sorry you’ve encountered a problem. Please contact the dealer store from where you purchased the product, or call a Greenpanel representative. We will try to resolve your query at the earliest.
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