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Sustainable Practices & CSR


Greenpanel launches mobile medical van to enhance awareness of rural health concerns. 23 Villages were covered under Mobile Medical Van project.

Under this project, Greenpanel provided medical services, consulting, counselling and free medication for basic diseases to about 60,000 people in 23 villages spread-out in Thottembedu, Buchhiah Naidu Kandriga mandals in Chittoor district and Pellakuru mandal in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.

National Safety Week

National Safety week was celebrated by uniting the governmental and non governmental organizations including the health organizations and industrial members.

Many engagement activities were organized for the whole week which included seminars, debates, poster of safety messages and slogans, essay competition, safety awards distribution, banner exhibition, play of drama and songs, training programs, workshops, and display of films were held during the campaign. Safety pledge event was carried out by the organizational employees.

Safety based training programs were also held over various topics. During training session employees were taught about the testing and examination of pressure vessels, lifting machines, chemical and electrical safety, risk handling and assessment, fire control and first aid knowledge.

Skill Development

Regular carpenter training programs are conducted by Greenpanel, through its pan India sales team network.

In an endeavor to upskill and upgrade the carpenters, they are showed wide range of applications of wood panel products and are trained to use modern methods of carpentry using modern building material products.

Carpenter Guru Mobile App

The Carpenter Guru mobile app is a unique and robust digital platform for carpenters in India to enhance their skills and improve their livelihood opportunities. The app offers its users a platform to gain knowledge about latest furniture designs, materials and hardware and learn how to work with them. The app offers a unique range of tools to improve their employability and increase professionalism in the field. Another central goal of Carpenter Guru mobile app is to provide carpenters a social platform to connect with their peers across the country.

The app is available in 9 different languages to cut across the linguistic diversity in the country.

Child Education

Rajkiya Prathmik Vidyalaya, Gangapur, Patia was adopted by Rudrapur Factory under the CSR objective of Greenpanel.

Greenpanel constructed room for children covering area of approx. 432 sq. ft. & toilet block. School furniture was also provided for the students.

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